At Lykketronic we have extensive experience with developing solution for forestry with intuitive functions and automated control to enhance safety and optimize effectiveness.

Application examples:

  • Forest wagon wheel steering and clutch controls
  • 3-point linkage wood chipper controls (PTO driven)
  • Mobile wood chipper controls (both gasoline and common rail diesel controls)
  • Wood chipper combination controls
  • Belt drive controls on wood chippers
  • Remote controls for wood chippers
  • And more..

Increased efficiency and safety provides improved economy and sustainability

Use of production resources

Less use of fuels and thereby a reduced climate footprint

Adaption of technology

The optimal use of equipment and technology by control interface usability and optimization of the core processes.

Reliable quality equipment

Adapted to the harsh environment with temperature fluctuations, vibrations, dust and high safety requirements.

Benefits for you as an OEM-partner

  • You work with a global OEM-provider of customized controlling solutions specialized in developing differentiating products
  • You get a modulized hardware and software architecture enabled by agile development resulting in price competitive high-quality solutions
  • You get a long-term trustworthy partner investing in product development to ensure leading and differentiating functionalities while ensuring service and ongoing updates

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