We create customized mobile control solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact

In close collaboration with our partners, we create innovative mobile control solutions that add value by maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact, supporting global food security and climate goals.


Lykketronic is a global OEM-partner of customized off-highway control solutions based on a proven portfolio of system platforms covering remote service and support, displays and user interfaces, integration platforms, control systems and and I/O interfaces.

For more than 40 years we have developed solutions for agricultural equipment within spraying, slurry- and fertilizer application, bale wrapping and seeding as well as related industries within sports turf, winter service and forestry.


Our robust solutions are fitted on thousands of machines all over the world, improving the efficiency of the work carried out significantly.


years of experience


privately owned


solutions in operation worldwide

Creating innovative solutions requires understanding.


Understanding of technology, Industry demands, end user needs and off course the vision and business of the companies we work with.


It’s by understanding all these factors that we create real value


Henrik Lund Jensen
Managing Director

Our values

  • Our starting point is you and your specific requirements. This is the basis for the right solution with the right quality for a long-term cooperation. We are here to assist your strategic product roadmaps, the need for ongoing development and the operation support of implemented solutions.

  • As believers in trusted partnership and close collaboration, we never leave your side and take great pride in keeping our promises. A key foundation for a mutually trusted partnership is an open and honest dialogue being a core value of all employees.

  • We are driven by creating innovative customized solutions unlocking the benefits of new technologies driving green productivity. Working as a team and investing in innovation internally and with our partners we take great pride in the difference our solutions make. For our customers, for the users and for the world.

Supporting our global food security and climate goals

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