Remote service and support

  • Features include:

    • Data Collection – including syncing of critical information
    • Real time on demand access even in remote areas with limited cellular access. This includes access to ALL setup and operational parameters
    • Feature unlocks to be provided via web access to enable global roll-out
    • Apps that enable rapid test and diagnostics feature for both end user and technical service personel
    • And more

Displays & User interfaces

  • Features include:


    • Robust platforms, customized functionality, and intuitive design
    • Displays ranging from simple 4 digit displays, 2*20 characters or custom displays to larger 10’’ full graphic touch solutions or full iPad control
    • Simple operational handles to high-end joystick controls with IP67 features and back-lit keys for night operations
    • Switch panels and dials for intuitive user control
    • And more

Integration platforms

  • Features include:


    • Extensive ISOBUS integration solutions via either protocols or dedicated bridge hardware platforms. Application examples include job control (TC-BAS), auto section control (TC-ASC), variable rate application (TC-GEO) or auxiliary control (TC_AUX)
    • Compliance with AEF standards
    • Integration to OEM specific third party control solutions via either protocols or dedicated bridge hardware platforms. Application examples range from iPad display support to Individual Nozzle Control extensions on proprietary spray control systems
    • And more

Control systems

  • Features include:


    Supporting a variety of applications countering for the relevant farming

    functionalities for a given tool or machine

    • Process automation algorithms and core application features across most agricultural implement segments
      • Application control e.g. spraying, fertilizer, gritting, seeding, sports turf painting
      • Hydraulic controls incl. Process optimization
      • In-cab I/O modules
      • Wheel steering and 4WS modules
      • Wheel drive controls
      • Boom level control
      • Depth control on soil preperation equipment
      • Engine and transmission control
    • Diverse and flexible portfolio of hardware platforms (varied form factors, processors and I/O configurations) to enable optimal performance/price ratio and future modular expansion possibilities
      • Direct control platforms
      • CANBUS enabled ECU’s (Electronic Control Units) and peripherals
    • And more


I/O interfaces

  • Features include:

    • Specialized sensors for data collections
    • Understanding sensor technologies e.g. angular transducers, ultrasonic sensoring, IMU’s, radar etc.
    • Support on a variety of output controls e.g. DC motors and pumps, pneumatics, electric actuators and a vast selection of hydraulic valve types. This includes both setup and calibration for optimal use and general operations
    • Support of a variety of tractor hydraulic solutions
    • And more

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