SP 9500 Control Platform

It doesn’t get any easier than this! Ground-breaking new PC control system from Lykketronic

For R&D specialists and engineers within cutting-edge farming equipment manufacturers a big helping hand now comes from Lykketronic – with the new version of the SP 9500 control system.

Practical thinking, practical handling

Profitting from a dedicated year-long developing process and value-adding strategy, Lykketronic now introduces the new SP 9500 control platform for high-end farming machinery – both self-propelled and trailer-based equipment e.g. sprayers, slurry-tankers and fertilizer spreaders. Simplicity, intuitive on-screen handling in the cab and powerful practical and visual tools for easy controlling – open a new door for more efficiency, speed and freedom of work for end-users.

Great benefits at your fingertips – save time, unneccessary waste and costs

At the heart of the system is a Linux operating system more stable and reliable than any other pc-based platform – inspired by an absolutely new approach to providing speed and efficiency to the fingertips of the end-user. Multitasking and intuitive on-screen visual control windows showing the specific machinery features are now added to all the good features that you know from your home pc.

Try the new features of the SP 9500 system at the Lykketronic stand at Agritechnica in Hanover 12.-18. November 2017

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to test and learn more about the practical handling features yourself on the new SP 9500 system when you visit Agritechnica in Hanover. And get valuable insight into your possibilities of capitalising from the SP 9500 system. The Lykketronic representatives are ready to answer any question and demonstrate the ground-breaking work tool.

Lykketronic is a dedicated global solution supplier…

of electronic measuring, monitoring and control systems for agricultural and winter maintenance machinery. Our robust solutions are fitted on thousands of machines, signifi-cantly improving the efficiency of the agricultural and winter maintenance work carried out, all across the world.