Competences: Quality and Production methodologies

Production – inhouse, fast and flexible
The specialized task of preparing a product for industrial production work flow is carried out in-house based on 30 years of experience. Designing and constructing manufacturing tools and procedures and providing precise documentation for the assembly process is a key success parametre for Lykketronic. Our focus is to provide a constantly high quality product level – no matter the volume – and shortening the time-to-market factor by applying the majority of vast preproduction functions inhouse at Lykketronic.

Surveillance of test series production, validation and a professional and dedicated assembly staff is a precondition for the longlasting products and successful feedback from the end-users. If adjustments are required in any of the part of the production line Lykketronic can carry them out – with minimum delay – due to the fully integrated inhouse production facilities. This gives you enhanced flexibility and speedy reaction in production whenever you may need it.

Lykketronic is a dedicated global solution supplier…

of electronic measuring, monitoring and control systems for agricultural and winter maintenance machinery. Our robust solutions are fitted on thousands of machines, signifi-cantly improving the efficiency of the agricultural and winter maintenance work carried out, all across the world.