Competences: Mechanical Design

Mechanical and casing design
The Lykketronic design and production department has extensive experience with developing, constructing and designing controller casings. Specialists on our team perfects the control features and functionality of pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic mechanics. All solutions go through intens testing of each movement or feature. Quality and durability of the mechanical design is our main mission.

Examples of systems, which can be controlled

  • Cabinets for controllers, switchpanels and joysticks
  • Jobcomputer and connection boxes
  • Sensor and flow meter design and housing for specialist purposes

We also offer design and frontfascia in order to give your control solution an individual and professionel appearance.

Lykketronic is a dedicated global solution supplier…

of electronic measuring, monitoring and control systems for agricultural and winter maintenance machinery. Our robust solutions are fitted on thousands of machines, signifi-cantly improving the efficiency of the agricultural and winter maintenance work carried out, all across the world.