Competences: Hardware Design

Hardware design – small and great
Designing and constructing hardware, circuit boards and logic user panels that make complex functions easy to perform in the field is a constant goal for the R&D team at Lykketronic. Our engineers and industrial designers take future demands and requirements into account when design ideas and functionality are transfered to hardware solutions. Small can be great – and scalable can be even greater. No prototype design at Lykketronic can avoid our aggressive testing – this guarantees the customer a robust, userfriendly and popular end-user product.

Hardware design – more than 30 years experience

  • Definition of hardware specifications
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Detailed knowledge on electronic component options/choices
  • Diagramming and lay-out of multi-layer PCB’s
  • Compliance with EMC directive
  • Prototype design and manufacturing

Selected product areas:

  • Display and devices, monitors, control devices and virtual terminals
  • Scalable control modules (jobcomputers) based on CAN-Bus communication
  • Switchpanels in variable configurations (wired and CAN-Bus)
  • Joysticks (digital and analog)
  • Connection box assembly and wiring harnesses
  • Infrared and radio frequency remote controls
  • Sensors, flow meters and moisture meters
  • and a lot more

Lykketronic is a dedicated global solution supplier…

of electronic measuring, monitoring and control systems for agricultural and winter maintenance machinery. Our robust solutions are fitted on thousands of machines, signifi-cantly improving the efficiency of the agricultural and winter maintenance work carried out, all across the world.