Product and Technology news from Lykketronic

It does not seem like two years ago since we last exhibited our latest Products and Technology at Agritechnica and discussed future Developments and ideas. We very much hope to see you again this year on the Lykketronic stand Hall 15 booth J09. Since 2017 we have not stopped innovating at Lykketronic and have built on many ideas gained from the conversations at the exhibition and are excited to launch several new products and technologies into the marketplace which we would like to introduce to you personally:

Integrated GPS solution

by partnering with a leader in Guidance and GPS control solutions we have formed a fully integrated GPS guidance and machine control solution, packed with innovative features and controls

Individual nozzle control

With increased accuracy and efficacy continually driving sprayer technology we have further advanced our Individual Nozzle control solution with features such as Automatic line control relative to spray pressure/speed, Turn Compensation and High Definition VRA.

ISOBUS Connectivity

Customer demands on improved Precision Ag connectivity has driven Lykketronic to integrate our Industry Renowned LT9500 Control solution to numerous ISOBUS terminals.


iPad User Interface

Driven by customer demand for higher resolution graphical interface and interconnectivity with other Agronomic applications, Lykketronic have developed an iPad user interface solution for many Agricultural machine applications, allowing a multitude of new features on display on our booth.

Innovative machine control solutions

Continually striving to improve our products and features to our customers, Lykketronic have developed a completely new product range of control systems which will be on display.

Robotic machine control and Automation

Lykketronic believe in listening to our customers and looking to the future in all we do, therefore we have invested heavily in both Semi-Autonomous and fully Robotic machine control with Traqnology and Conpleks , believing this will be the future of many Amenity & Agricultural applications, small robots working alone or autonomously together as a cluster to complete tasks . On display on our stand is our fully robotic grass mower as well as our Autonomous Sports field white lining application, we welcome you to visit our stand to see this and look forward to your views and comments.