New SP 9500: Wireless Machine Control and Remote Field Support

Two great SP 9500 news from Lykketronic aim directly at second-to-none benefits for high-end precision farming equipment – self-propelled and trailer-based equipment e.g. sprayers, slurry-tankers and fertilizer spreaders.

Wireless Machine Control provides 100% freedom in the field

Wireless & handheld – don’t waste your time: Powerful practical and visual tools are provided for your choice of handheld device – iPad, iPhone, HTC Samsung etc. Efficient and cost-saving for end-users.

Great benefits at your fingertips

Internet access, outstanding graphics, PDF-files, videos, online support and all that you know from your home pc is at your service – wherever you are operating in the field. At the end of the day what counts is the practical outcome. The new SP 9500 Control Platform provides you with opportunities to improve machinery performance in the field and end-user satisfaction.

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Remote Field Support saves time and service/repair costs

End-users are not alone in the field anymore! The fact that specialist knowledge can be accessed and activated instantly – regardless of the distance between the operator in the field and the technical expert – provides reliability, safety and ground-breaking performance in a new practical thinking way.

On-the-spot support is provided in a second

Don’t waste valuable time, make the precise and correct pre-diagnostics with secure online connection with the service or support provider – and reduce expensive problem solving time for in-the-field diagnostics, spare-part delivery and on-the-spot repair specialist.

> Download press release / PDF