Maskinbladet Nov. 2007: A Danish company candidates for Agritechnica Award

Danish company Lykketronic along with British partner Househam Sprayers Ltd. aspire to win one of the Agritechnica Awards. The Lykketronic control system and computer for the selfdriving field sprayer from Househam Sprayers is the one of the innovations of the exhibition. Article translated from Danish magazine Maskinbladet Nov. 2007.

While practically every other company in the machine technology sector develops special electronics for controlling agricultural equipment and datalogging – Lykketronic has chosen the opposite path and exploits the existing globally used technologies on the market.

– It is a standard PC-based solution which is applied in the control system for the sprayer. This makes the system flexible and userfriendly. The remote access feature and the problem-free transmission of data only increase the advantages of the system, Sales Manager Henrik Lund Jensen from Lykketronic informs.

– The monitor itself is extremely userfriendly with its touch screen which makes adjusting and handling of the sprayer very easy – even for unexperienced operators. If the operator needs information he can instantly open the user manual which is saved on the sprayers computer as a PDF-file.

– The online remote access to the sprayers computer from your home or your office provides much faster and improved assistance from the manufacturers service staff to the end-user – for the benefit of both parties. The standard PC platform and the easy dataintegration open up for using new programmes, software and functionality in the tractor.

– You can for instance imagine data being transmitted directly and wireless to the farmers bookkeeping system, Henrik Lund Jensen comments.

Picture below: The control systems on the Househam Sprayers are developed by Lykketronic, Denmark and presented as a new achievement at Agritechnica – here the monitor with touch screen is presented, mounted on the selfdriving sprayer.