Maskinbladet Jan. 2007: Electronic control system for round bales

Focus on workflow management and environmental friendlyness in the new control system from Lykketronic. Article translated from Danish magazine Maskinbladet Jan. 2007.

The Braarup-based company Lykketronic presents a new electronic control system at this years Agromek Exhibition.

The Tube Wrap Controller which the two-stared invention is called – is a control system for wrapping round bales on a tube wrapper. The purpose of the new system is to introduce automatic control capability of round bales which supports and ensures reduced plastic consumption and thereby minimizes both the costs of wrapping and the environmental waste load.

The Tupe Wrap Controller contains a standard bale and cycle counter – and extra plastic film layers for joining ends. Furthermore the control system has safety sensors and optional manual control.

In addition to this Lykketronic presents a new electronic control system for boom level adjustment of the spray-boom. This new achievement is called Boom Level Assistance and is equipped with ultrasonic sensors, which makes it very suitable for working under extreme conditions and hilly terrain. The regulating parameters can be individually adjusted for the specific user and this ensures the most flexible functionality for the individual operators driving and spraying pattern. The invention has achieved one star of recognition af the Agromek Exhibition.