2015 New Product: All-in-One Machine Control – for self-propelled sprayers

A single intelligent terminal for all functions. Practical and user-friendly. All engine, steering, camera and spray controls and more are fully integrated.

Easier than ever to operate
Based on standard PC systems, a dual operating system with Linux and Windows 7 combined with an extensive canbus system – the Lykketronic All-in-One Machine Control provides a unique and easy-to-handle graphical interface.

Operators will experience a very short learning time and intuitive correct-first-time handling.

Improved productivity due to one intelligent system
GPS-tracking provides a graphical map of the field and tracks. Driving errors are automatically compensated for and time-consuming mistakes are avoided.

Operators eyes need only to focus on one screen: Engine, transmission, spraying, hydraulic functions are all visualized on the same touch screen – turning the operators job into a liberating walk in the field.

Minimized service time and costs
No special tools or equipment are needed. All status data are available directly to the operator – all in one system.

The integrated Field Agent ensures remote virtual field access and support – even from distances of thousands of miles. Should you ever need it.

For more details please contact R&D director Henrik Lund Jensen at henrik(at) or call directly at +45 20409280.

2015 New Product: Field Agent – Virtual Field Access and Support for all agriculture machinery

First full-scale remote tool: Fast and safe long-distance connectivity ensures immediate online machinery service and support.

More than 400 parameters in real-time
Based on standard PC systems combined with standard modular canbus ECU systems – the Lykketronic Field Agent provides a head start with full scale remote access to each and every setup and real-time value. The first all in one solution which enables diagnostics and service tasks to be performed remotely – from thousands of miles away.
Operators, manufacturers and service personnel will experience radically reduced service time and costs.

Operator can use his own cell phone for transferring real-time data
No need for mounted modem or special SIM-card provider. The farmer can feel free to use his own cell phone optimized for local conditions. This is the first telematic solution scaled down and adaptable to high-end self-propelled sprayers, trailed sprayers and trailed fertilizer spreaders. So pick up your phone and call your machine!

Benefits? A completely new level of customer service, support and satisfaction
The unique connectivity of Field Agent highlights many advantages – e.g. best possible productivity and reduced service costs. Operators and service personnel alike will save time due to the easy and streamlined problem-solving by specialist that may even be situated in an other country. No personal visit is needed.

For more details please contact R&D director Henrik Lund Jensen at henrik(at) or call directly at +45 20409280.

2015 New Product: Wireless Total Machine Control via Smartphone devices

No apps needed. Get full access and control by using your Smartphone, e.g. iPhone, iPad or other handheld device.

Stop running back and forth during nozzle checks – use your Smartphone
Smart and practical thinking. The new Lykketronic WTMC (wireless total machine control) is a highly-developed tool that requires no special equipment. Just your smartphone or other handheld device. User-friendly with an intuitive graphical interface the operator can access all machinery functions without running back and forth e.g. during nozzle checking. The operator gets exactly all the same features and controls as on his primary fixed display in the cab.

A wireless access point is created on your machinery. Choose your handheld device!
No infrared or RadioFrequency technology needed. Using a standard WLAN USB adapter a wireless access point is created – providing the freedom to choose between smartphone or tablet to communicate with the machinery. It doesn’t get easier than this.
Maintaining and optimizing e.g. valves and nozzles on sprayers means higher operational reliability and spraying efficiency – and will most certainly improve the farmer’s bottomline. It also goes without saying that the operator’s work safety, comfort and environment are greatly improved by using WTMC and a smartphone.

Inconvenient and time-consuming calibrations are now easy.
Positioned at any point around or behind the machinery – the operator can now access, check and calibrate whatever mechanical or spraying feature he wants – section by section. This ensures frequent mechanical check-ups – which will boost performance and productivity of the machinery. In addition a single test cycle is estimated to save around 80% operational time and similar savings in chemicals during testing. For service personnel that performs recommended inspections and check-ups the new WTMC will save considerable work time and costs.

For more details please contact R&D director Henrik Lund Jensen at henrik(at) or call directly at +45 20409280.